We are closed from Friday May 1 through Monday May 11, 2015.

If you want one of the custom Theoben Rifles - send a Cashiers Check in the amount of $1900 and the rifle will be sent as soon as we reopen.

All of the custom Theoben rifles cost $1,900 - shipped. Orders will be taken in the order that the checks arrive. These are Classic, one-off rifles. They will be drop shipped directly to you from Rapid Air Weapons. You will have a very special rifle, indeed. Last chance. Don't be kicking yourself later because you missed the opportunity to own the last of the custom classics.

The Very Last of the genuine, Theoben Rifles are ready to go

We now have in stock a number of original – NIB – Theoben rifles and also
several, highly customized Theoben rifles made from original parts with the addition of regulators, pressure gauges, quick fill adapters with various stock       options. These include MK IIs and MFRs, superb walnut Tactical stocks, and right or left hand stocks and actions.  Just click on the Theoben rifle link.

There is also one NIB, .22 Crusader and one 11.3 fpe, .22 Evolution. These have been on the shelf awhile and are being stripped and totally checked out before they will be sold. Waiting time for these two rifles may be several months.
    We have original MK IIs in stock. They are all .22 and R/H

And, we now have, in stock custom, one-off, genuine Theoben rifles. They are available in both MK II and MFR configurations.

Kentucky Historic Salvage, Inc.
 Purveyor of Theoben Air Rifles, Hawke Optics, and
Fine Kentucky Black Walnut and Vintage Hardwoods

Rapid Air Weapons

Please click on the Rapid Air Weapon icon to view their catalog for pictures and complete specifications.

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Hawke Products
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Kentucky Black Walnut and Vintage Hardwood

Steve Cox - Proprietor
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Our sole mission is to is to provide the finest products available, with prompt, responsive  service.  We are a “stocking” dealer – which means that we try to have at least the most requested items on the shelves and ready to be shipped. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 4pm ET. The best way to contact us for an order is by dedicated email: steve@kyhistoricsalvage.com.  If you have questions or need assistance in any way, you may call us at:  859-806-1431.

Air Rifles:
The only air rifles we sell are the few Theoben rifles remaining and Rapid Air Weapons lines. Custom models tailored  to your needs are available. Build your own dream air rifle with our help.

My first Theoben rifle was purchased in 1988 – a .22 Scirocco Grand Prix topped with a Premier Reticles Leupold 8X scope with the requisite 50 ft. adapter for shots under 19 yards. It is still in service today and is used for hunting and HFT. David Slade and I stripped it a five years ago, and aside from a few drops of moisture from using a hand pump, it was still in perfect condition. These rifles will last a lifetime. Parts and repairs are still available, although there are only a few remaining rifles available. We do purchase used Theoben rifles for factory refurb as they become available..
My first PCP was a .22 Rapid MK I purchased in the early 1990s Aside from replacing the original valve with a new synthetic one, it is unaltered and gets 75 shots at 900 fps (25 fps power curve) using CPs. The simple elegance of the original Rapid design is near perfection. For those who must have add-ons,- quick fill adapters and pressure gauges are available from the factory or as a user modification.

While the standard “Rapids” are pure hunting rifles, the MFR and XP Pro models are dual use and perform admirably on the FT and BR circuits.

Rapid Air Weapons:
Founded by Martin Rutterford,, Rapid Air Weapons has brought quality airgun manufacturing to US shores.

Based in Tennessee,  RAW makes parts and accessories for Theoben and other brands of quality airguns. Their modern CAD and CAM manufacturing facilities produce everything right here in America.

However, Martin's cowning achivemenets to date include several entirely new lines of rifles - including the TM and Benchrest models – designed with the single objective of accuracy at all ranges. Like an underlever springer, each pellet is hand loaded – one at a time – so that it can be inspected and the chamber tension felt by finger insertion before firing. The rifles come with a Benchrest or FT stock, a hand selected barrels with a carbon fiber shroud or vented muzzle brake, and a forend rail to accept various devices including their own proprietary FT knee riser.

In addtion, there Hunter line of sideleaver, magazine rifles offer top level accuracy at entry level prices. IMHO, they are the finest rifles available in the current market market.

Check out these fine products at: www.rapidairweapons.com.  We are proud to be a stocking dealer for their fine products.

We sell only the Hawke lines of scopes that are specifically designed for airgun use. These include the Air Max and Sidewinder scopes that are designed by airgunners for airgunners. The MAP, SR and Tactical reticles were created by three time World Ft Champion, Nick Jenkinson,  and reflect his real world experience in the sport. They are springer rated and carry a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.

The Sidewinder Tactical line is a customer favorite  with great optics and a Jenkinson designed half Mil-Dot reticle with multiple aimpoints that are precise and predictable.

Dollar for dollar, there are no better rifle scopes in today’s market. And Hawke’s customer service is the best in the business.

KHS, Inc. began life as a vintage hardwood business. We sell the finest reclaimed lumber and hardware available as well as freshly cut Kentucky walnut.


We sell at the lowest price allowed by our distributors.

Shipping of small items is by USPS Priority mail and rifles are sent by either UPS or FedEx. The minimum shipping charge is $7.00 and rifles are shipped for $30 CONUS.

Our mission is your satisfaction..  You may return any undamaged product purchased at retail price for full refund within thirty days of Invoice Date.

Questions and Service:
Any flawed products (rare - but they do happen) will be replaced immediately and your return shipping will be refunded.

PayPal and credit cards are not accepted at the present time..  We accept personal checks but do prefer USPS money orders or cashiers checks.

We are always happy to help you select a product via phone conversation or dedicated email.

Shipping will be $30.00 per rifle, shipped UPS Ground CONUS.  Scopes will be shipped USPS Priority Mail for $12.00 each CONUS

Please note:  You MUST be 18-years old to purchase any of our products.
We do not ship to the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles or Orange County, New Jersey, New York City, Chicago, or any other Jurisdiction that has restrictions on the sale or discharge of airguns.
In exchange for your promise that you are at least 18-years of age and are under no restrictions relating to the ownership of airguns we promise to sell you the airgun of your  choice at the agreed upon price.  In further consideration of this transaction you to hereby agree to release from any and all liability, KHS, Inc, it's officers, and employees for any and all loss sustained to your person, family, acquaintances or property.