Kentucky Historic Salvage has ceased all operations as a sales entity. We no longer sell air rifles, accessories or anything else.

Kentucky Historic Salvage, Inc.

Reference and Research Site for

Whiscombe and Theoben Rifles

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KHS, Inc. was always a hobby business to promote Theoben, and, later, Rapid Air Weapons.

Now, Theoben no longer exists. But the tradition of old world quality lives on through Martin Rudderford (a one-half owner of Theoben) and his new company, Rapid Air Weapons.

Together with his lovely wife Sandra and a handful of dedicated employees, Martin continues to produce advanced air rifle designs right here in the USA. IMHO, you will not find better off-the-shelf rifles or better service than that available from RAW.

Please patronize them. You will not regret your decision.

Steve Cox - December 31, 2016